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Report: Emerging proteins in Aotearoa

May 6, 2021

The report ‘Emerging Proteins in Aotearoa New Zealand: What will it take for the sector to thrive’ prepared by FoodHQ was the culmination of a six-month project to gather insights and perspectives from over 185 people involved across the Emerging Proteins sector.

The report identifies significant and diverse activity throughout New Zealand particularly with plant-based food development. Report co-author, Dr Abby Thompson says while all those operating in the sector are universally passionate about the potential to meet global demand for emerging proteins, there are significant challenges.

“These innovative (and brave) entrepreneurs often have a low profile and many are not yet working at a scale that enables their products to be easily accessible for the general public,” says Dr Thompson.

Late last year FoodHQ established Emerging Proteins NZ a network open to all individuals and businesses involved in the alternative protein sector from growers and producers through to manufacturers, retailers and exporters.

She describes emerging proteins as a diversification opportunity, that could complement New Zealand’s traditional animal-based protein sectors.

“New Zealand has a proud history of pioneering new technologies to produce food that the world wants. While our dairy products, meat, wine, apples and kiwifruit will underpin New Zealand’s food exports for many years to come, we must explore the opportunities to continue adding diversity to our food product offering in order to meet global demand.”

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