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Emerging Proteins NZ (EPNZ) is a community that seeks to accelerate the development of a thriving emerging proteins sector in New Zealand.  Our Members span the sector from growing and producing through to manufacturing, retailing and exporting; new technologies and new market insights. We enable Members to share knowledge, get connected with the right expertise and facilities and work together on common projects.

Membership is open to individuals or organisations who are actively involved in any aspect of the local or export supply chain or who are looking to establish or expand their operations into the emerging proteins space.

EPNZ is inclusive and positive, encompassing a wide range of protein sources, including plant, fungi, insect, bacterial and cell-culture.  EPNZ is aware that Members will hold differing views on the traditional protein sources, which is entirely their prerogative and they will always be free to share those as their own opinions.  However, in doing so they must ensure they do not explicitly or implicitly suggest that their opinions are those of the collective EPNZ community.

EPNZ is facilitated by FoodHQ, a not-for-profit organisation.  Membership is free, but there may be fees associated with participation in some optional initiatives or projects.

We are excited about this sector, and know you are too.  We will seek feedback on the types and frequency of information that you appreciate receiving and what initiatives and projects will be of most value to you.  As such, upon registering as a member you will receive a survey to help us better understand your needs.

If you would like to become a Member of EPNZ, please complete the form to indicate that you understand and accept the above terms, and you wish to be added to the mailing list. Upon completion of these details you will be added to our Membership database and become part of our little (but fast growing) community. Your individual information will not be shared without your permission.

You may cease to be a Member at any time simply by asking us to remove you from our database.

For any questions or comments please contact Victoria (, 027 5385338).