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Global Best Practice

July 29, 2020

FoodHQ strategic partner Foodvalley NL (Netherlands) has launched an incredibly successful alliance called “The Protein Cluster” which is pulling the different emerging proteins ecosystem players together with a focus on developing company capability and connecting willing collaborators. This has set the standard for international best practice in this area.  As a result, a number of other countries are now developing strong networks in their emerging proteins ecosystems, including Denmark, Israel, Singapore, and Canada.

It is important to note that although these ecosystem networking and connecting organisations all share similar core aspirations there is variance between each country to account for the level of maturity and interest in the sector. Land availability and natural resources also account for differences, with Singapore much more focussed on cellular agriculture and vertical farming while Canada has a strong focus on protein producing crops.

FoodHQ is working to further develop our connections with these different network organisations in order to help identify collaboration opportunities for New Zealand companies in the emerging proteins space.  If you have a specific interest in discussions with a company in one of these markets, please let us know and we will see if we can facilitate an introduction.